The wonders of Astronomy and Geography…

I feel that having lots of interests is great because you always find a way to fit them all together, in other words they all seem to be related to one another in several ways.
I have had a large interest in Astronomy from the age of 13 and also in geography from about the same age. As my experience in both of these areas grew, I found that one interest could help the other. I learnt about the types of volcanoes in one of my first GCSE geography lessons and later on when reading about mars I found I had a much bigger interest in its surface volcanoes; I understood a lot more about them, and being able to relate one interest to another fascinated me.

Astronomy is one of those things that is difficult to explain why you enjoy it. I personally have many reasons from being able to gaze up at a clear night sky and just see so many other worlds out there and being able to let your mind wonder to who or what is looking back down on you, to looking through my telescope at wonderful objects such as the Orion nebula and the Great globular star cluster in Hercules and also worlds closer to us like Jupiter and Saturn. Some of the things out there are breathtaking.

As for geography, the interest was created at school, where it was one of the subjects that I could understand so easily. I loved learning about natural processes which create the landforms around us today, how natural events such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes make humans react, and how these seemingly negative events create opportunities and positives. I have come to the end of studying geography at the University of Exeter now, and it has been great to be able to study something I love. I am gonna miss studying geography loads- not sure what I will do without it. I have a long term goal to go into flood management. But don’t worry, I will continue to write articles on here cause believe me, I have loads more ideas about astronomy and geography that I would like to write about. Geography is still gonna be a large part of my life- I am certain of that.  I apply geography to everything around me because it is fascinating.

My GCSE geography teacher once told me, “everything is related to geography”. I have learnt since then that he is totally right. I write this blog to express my interest in all things geography and simply because I love the subject!

(photo credit for homepage header- ‘The Punchbowl’ cirque on Exmoor: photo by author)

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13 comments on “The wonders of Astronomy and Geography…

    • My fingers got tangled up so didn’t get to finish my thought. What I was going to say is, I think most bloggers tell it like it is so it can’t be
      “Too cheesy”. Astronomy has always fascinated me, too. Love your presentation.

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