Why we love mika!

Written by Tilly Elizabeth and Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch

There is no song I could choose from Mika’s collection to be my favourite. I truly love them all. From Big girls to Blame it on the girls, I adore all of the music that Mika makes. His songs are unique, and meaningful. They often have an underlying meaning, which only true fans can uncover. His songs are like nothing else in the charts at the moment.

Mika is no ordinary singer. His albums have shown this. He writes his songs from his heart, and often they seem like cheerful songs on the surface, but are in fact sad. All of his albums follow slightly different themes too.

Mika’s voice is like no other. His voice is rumored to have 5 octaves, although it is really around 3.5, allowing him to reach pitches that even female singers struggle to get to. The introduction to his song ‘Relax Take it Easy’ highlights the power of his vocals brilliantly. His voice is soft and soothing. It creates a completely relaxed feeling, which are great for putting you in a good mood.

However, he did not have a completely perfect upbringing. He was born in Beirut, but aged only one his family left Lebanon due to war. He moved to France, and then when he was nine, he moved to England. As a result of living in France, Mika can speak the language fluently. He can also speak Spanish and English fluently.

Not only this, but Mika was terribly bullied at school. He refused to be a part of the crowd, and instead chose to stand out. This made him a target for other children to pick on him. As a result, Mika was home schooled. This did not stop him from wanting to pursue his dreams.

Mika’s family have always been there to support him, all the way through his life. Mika has 3 sisters and 1 brother. He is the middle child, with 2 older sisters, and a young sister and brother. His family are incredibly close and some of his songs, such as Blame it on the girls have been inspired by his family.

Listening to Mika’s albums is brilliant. His three albums Life in cartoon motion, The boy who knew too much and origin of love, are all unique in their own way. However, Mika is even more wonderful live. Just watching him on youtube live in concert is enough to give you goose bumps. His stage presence is just brilliant. He really knows how to put on a show. He also has the ability to keep everyone entertained, regardless of if the song is joyful or sad; he makes you fall in love with his velvet voice.

What I personally love about Mika’s songs is that often you can make your own interpretation of what the songs are about. Some have deeper meanings than what you hear on the surface. Often these deeper meanings can be interpreted in many ways. For example, Mika called the song Celebrate ‘a sad song’. It does not sound sad, but if you listen to the lyrics, you get what he means. Some of the songs like Grace Kelly are angry, but actually sound cheerful. I love that you can make your own mind up about his songs – it makes them more unique.

Here is a list of his songs:

photo credit: parischeapskate.com

1. Rain: A vivid long song about a person who feels that their partner is trying to let go of the old relationship. Part of the song is actually a break up letter that Mika himself wrote to an ex. It is really upbeat, and a great song to listen to. It makes you feel as though there is an escape route in life. Watch the making of the video

Best line: ‘You’re leaving me with words unspoken’

2. Grace Kelly: An angry song about being pushed around by other people, and being made to be something you’re not. A great song to make you feel uplifted, with some great high pitched moments from Mika.

Best line: ‘I’ve gone identity mad!’

3. Stuck in the middle: I believe that this song is about someone who feels that they no longer want to be with their partner, even though they have been with them for a long time. It is like they are fed up with the same old life. It could also be about family.

Best line: ‘And with your bitter words you kick me in the gutter.’

4. Any other world: This song is extremely sad sounding, but it is very powerful. The song is about Mika’s family friend, who lost her eye and husband in the war in Lebanon. In Mika’s own words “in everyone’s life their comes one point, or several points where something happens and you have to completely change the way you have lived your life because of one event. And it really makes you readjust and rethink and rejudge parts of your life all over again.” This is what the song is based on.

Best line: ‘Say goodbye, to the world you thought you lived in’

5. Big girls: This song is about how anyone can be beautiful, no matter what size they are. It shows that everyone in this world can find love. The song is fun, colourful, and makes you feel really good about yourself.

Best line: ‘And curves in all the right places’

6. I see you / I’m falling: I see you is the original, and it is a lovely song. It is a love song about a person who can never tell the person they love that they love them. I’m falling is an alternative version, which has different lyrics to a different tune. It has a similar meaning.

Best line: [I see you] ‘I say nothing but stare at you’

7. Underwater: About a person who feels that love could save them. I feel as though the song is trying to portray how love never dies, no matter what people go through. Listen to Mika explain the song

Best line: ‘Put your lips on me and I can live under water’

8. Origin of love: This song has many religious references. The song seems to be about when two people love each other for the first time, it is like they have never loved before. They feel completely tied to one another. The song has references to the story of Adam and Eve. Listen to Mika explain the song

Best line: ‘From the air I breathe to the love I need’

9. Popular song: This song is about how the people who bully never get anywhere in life, and how they are nothing compared to the victim. It proves that bullies will only end up in mundane jobs, and have boring lives, while the victim will flourish. The video is absolutely brilliant for this song, featuring Arianna Grande. Listen to Mika explain the song

Best line: ‘Dunk me in the toilets now it’s you that cleans them’

10. Lola: This is a song about a person who seems to be fed up with love song that tell him romance will be so amazing. He does not see it this way. He falls in love and never feels the happiness that everyone sings about. Listen to Mika explain the song

Best line: ‘Love makes you laugh, it makes you cry, the oldest game in history, repeated’

11. Step with me: This is about two people in love, who want to make sure they do everything together. They want to do everything that lovers do, including marrying. The person is deeply in love, and has never felt happier. Listen to Mika explain the song

Best line: ‘This love’s delicious like home-cooked dishes’

12. The only lonely one: This is about a person who feels very depressed because they feel lonely. They have no one to love, and they feel as though everyone has someone to love. For the theme of the song, it is surprisingly fast paced, and sounds quite cheerful.

Best line: ‘I said ‘Hey, girl, what a lonely, lonely life’

13. Erase: This song is about a person who has broken up with someone, and they feel as though their ex-partner is trying to replace their love with nothing. They are empty and cannot move on.

Best line: ‘But it’s a ghost town in your mind’

photo credit: posh24.com

14. Intoxicated: This is about a person who has broken up with their partner, because their partner seems to have been neglectful. However, the person still feels lost and alone without them.

Best line: ‘And I feel as if I’m bleeding, from a thousand miles away’

15. Blame it on the girls: This song is about how people never know what they have right in front of them, and they are just trying to find someone to blame for their problems. The song is based on a person, who seems to have it all, yet they are still unhappy. Watch the making of the video

Best line: ‘Dude your perspective on life sucks’

16. Elle me dit / Emily: Elle me dit is the French version, and Emily is the English version, which goes to the same tune. It is a very upbeat song. Both songs are based on telling someone to stop wasting their life, and not to end up like a failure.

Best line: [Emily] ‘Pourquoi tu gâche ta vie?’ This line is from the English version, but Mika used a French line, which is really catchy. It translates to: ‘Why are you wasting your life?’

17. Love today: This is a song about a person who has felt sad for a very long time, and now they feel as though they are just going to get on with it. They feel as though they are fed up with being sad and want just love everything. The song tells various stories about people who want to find love, in many different ways.

Best line: ‘Gonna make you a lover’

18. Lollipop: This song is about how love can cause you problems for you, if you let it get in the way of life. It shows you how you should just live your life to the full, and not let your loneliness get in the way of happiness.

Best line: ‘Live your life until love is found, or loves’ gonna get you down’

19. My interpretation: This is about a person who has had a bitter break up, and they no longer feel anything towards the other person. In fact they seem to feel the complete opposite – they have no feelings, no love or regret. They simply feel hatred for the person.

Best line: ‘And it don’t, it don’t make sense’

20. Blue eyes: This is about a woman who has lost love, and she is blind to reality. They are sick of being upset, and crying over what has happened. The song tells the woman to move on with their life, and get over the paid they feel.

Best line: ‘Won’t find your spirit, in a lost and found’

21. Touches you: This is a happy love song about a person who wants to be close to another person all of the time. They want to be with them, be around them and never be apart from them. These are characteristics of a new relationship, which is fresh and exciting.

Best line: ‘I wanna be, wanna be whatever else that touches you’

22. Happy ending: This song has two meanings to me. The first is the end of a relationship. The song points to the idea that there is no happy ending with love. However there is also a feeling of death. Maybe the relationship is dead, or maybe someone died. The song is very sad sounding, but is equally powerful as all his other songs.

Best line: ‘No hope, no love, no glory, no happy ending’

23. Ring ring: Ring ring is about someone who is being stalked by their ex-girlfriend. They ring them and then hang up, they follow them around to try to confuse them. The song combines the idea of being phoned by their ex and also being followed in general.

Best line: ‘When you play me like a kid with a crown’

24. Relax take it easy: This song can have many meanings. On the surface, it seems like the song is telling you to take a load off, and have some time to relax. However, if you listen closely, it could also be about choosing the correct way in life. ‘The line Don’t scream, there are so many roads left’. This suggests that there is fear about choosing the correct way in life.

Best line: ‘It’s as if I’m playing with fire’

25. Stardust: This song is about a person who has met a person, and now they want to keep seeing them. They cannot forget them, and they don’t want to ever let them go.  Listen to Mika explain the song

Best line: ‘It’s been a while, I still carry the flame’

26. Make you happy: Make you happy is quite similar to Stardust. It is about a person who believes they know what they need to do to make their partner happy. They want to put all of their love and strength into doing this.

Best line: ‘Save me from your theories, at the very least just let me cry on you’

27. Overrated: This song is about how love is overrated. It is a clear break up song, which brings about the idea that their break up was quite horrific.  Listen to Mika explain the song

Best line: ‘To your poison kisses’

28. We are golden: We are golden is a song which sounds like a person has maybe broken up with their partner, and now they feel as though they are better than them. They have risen about their partner, and are now golden in comparison. It could also to be seen to be about a person who has all these dreams, and they do not want to follow anyone else. They just want to have fun and live life like they did as a teenager.

Best line: ‘ ‘Like a magpie, I live for glitter, not you’

29. By the time: This is about a person who is unfaithful to their partner. They sneak out while the other person is sleeping, and their partner is unaware of what they do. The song sings about how the person shouldn’t wake up, because it will only cause them more pain if they found out.

Best line: ‘I’m busy in the blissful unaware’

30. Kids: This song is about how the arguing of two adults are seeing how they have grown from children, and yet they are jealous of the children, because they seem to be living better lives. Kids is also about saying the arguing adults are being kids, because they are not being mature about the situation. Listen to Mika explain the song

Best line: ‘Give our peace a chance, make it worth fighting for.’

31. Love you when I’m drunk: This song is about a person who feels that they would be better off with another person. They feel that in reality they do not love the other person anymore, and that they only love their partner when they are drunk.

Best line: I don’t want to be that guy, look you in the face and lie’

32. Heroes: This is an incredibly powerful song. I made me cry when I first listened to it, because the music is so powerful. This song is about the heroes of war. It has lines such as ‘They’re fighting someone else’s war’. Listen to Mika explain the song

Best line: ‘But to make you bleed, the only thing I wouldn’t do’

33. Celebrate: This song is about no matter how miserable a person is, everyone else around them can celebrate. In the song, the person feels that although they are going through troubles, and they feel pain, they want everyone to be happy. Listen to Mika explain the song

Best line: ‘I wanna come home, to the only place I know’

34. One foot boy: This song could have a number of meanings. On the surface it appears to be about a rocky relationship between two people. The person feels that the relationship is driving them insane, and they feel that the relationship is holding them back. However a deeper meaning is that this person is experiencing their conscience, which is telling them what to do. They want to get rid of their conscience, and do what they want to do in life.

Best line: ‘Empty loving makes me seasick’

35. Lover boy: This song is about how people should stop fooling for the wrong people, and how they think they’ve fallen in love every time, but really it’s not true love. The song tells how love is a lie, and how it is not what you think it is.

Best line: ‘Love is just a cautionary, momentary, reactionary lie’

36. Toy boy: This song is about a person who is bisexual or gay, and they have fallen in love with another man. However, people in the song try to change who they are, and try to stop them from being together. This could represent society. The people in the song try to make them what they consider to be right.

Best line: ‘So she dressed me up as the man she loved’

photo credit: girlyobsessions.com

37. Pick up off the floor: This song is about a girl who fell in love with a man, and gave up everything in life to be with him. However, he got cold feet about their relationship, and he left her. She was left alone and depressed, with no one to love her.

Best line: ‘ Love is lost, life can burn, but your luck will return’

38. Dr. John: Dr. John is about a person who feels that their life is going wrong. Dr. John is a fictional character, who the person in the song seems to converse with. Maybe they are a psychiatrist who is helping them with their problems.

Best line: ‘She gave me her hand, but I ignored her’

39. Good gone girl: This is about two girls innocent girls who have changed a great deal, and are no longer innocent. They are popular and happy, but they want to do too much before they really grow up. They are naïve in a sense.

Best line: ‘Hey you what’s a good girl like you doing in this crazy world?’

40. Lonely alcoholic: This song is about people who have experienced misfortune and sorrow. The people he sings to are incredibly powerful. He touches on many issues that people have, and how they are never heard, even when they call out for help. However, the song tells how these people will end up dead, and nobody will even know that they had issues.

Best line: ‘if we’re altogether screaming, why can’t we make a sound’

41. Lady jane: This song is about a woman who falls in love with a man, but when he leaves she goes in search for him. In my opinion this song speaks of how she spent so long looking for her lover who had gone, she didn’t even realise the other people who were willing to love her. Some of the song seems to suggest that he was taken advantage of in the lines ‘Became the world’s most wanted dish’. Maybe she was wanted by people for the wrong reasons.

Best line: ‘That though you think you’ve got your prize. There’s another fish that has escaped your eyes’

42. Satellite: I have always loved this song, it has such a dreamy tone to it, but to this day I am still not sure what its meaning is. However, the line “everything good needs replacing, look up look down all around hey” suggests some note of confusion and how he’s searching for something.

Best line: “Winter’s cold, spring erase, and the calm by away the storm is chasing”

43. Over my shoulder: This song is very pure sounding, and incredibly rich. Despite writing this song at the age of 15 it sounds incredibly mature. His voice is angelic in the song. There is a lot of feelings in this song. He sounds lost. He is running away from something, and feels that he has to look over his shoulder constantly. Maybe he is scared. Maybe he is lost.

Best line: ‘Fog out my daylight, torture my night’

44. Tah Dah: This song is about a person who feels that their partner does not truly love them – they are just with them for attention. I am trying to decide whether the song could be about the couple breaking up, or whether they are still actually together. My interpretation is that the couple are still together but one person is taking advantage of the other, not caring for them, and just treating them badly. However the person is fed up of this treatment, and they cannot be bothered with the relationship anymore.

Best line: ‘Once the crowd goes home and there’s no one left to listen’

[All song lyrics are copyrighted to ©Mika Penniman. I do not own the rights to these lyrics.]


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