A few tips from a sixth form student

After finishing my first year of A levels, I have been thinking back at how I felt this time last year. I had many worries about starting sixth form and A levels, but over the past year I have experienced ways to cope with all that sixth form can throw at me, well at least most things. so I’d thought I would share my advice with those who will be starting A levels at sixth form.

  1. use your time wisely

one great thing about sixth form education is that you get ‘frees’ or free periods. These are the same length as a lesson, but it’s up to you what you do in this time.. most sixth forms will advise that you use them to work in, which I agree with; after all if you do most of your work in your frees you will have less to do later on in the day. However, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with using some free periods to go off and enjoy your self, whether that involves having a lie in, in the mornings or going shopping with your friends. Just make sure you get the correct balance between work and play.

2. Be organised

At sixth form, you will be more responsible for your learning than you were in secondary school, so you need to get organised. make sure you arrive on time to all your lessons, take relevant notes in your lessons, hand in homework and coursework on time and give yourself plenty of time to revise. When it comes to revision set a revision start date and stick to it. make a revision timetable and stick to it, revise one or two topics a day for a few hours and take breaks in between. also leave a day free from revision so you can relax and take it easy. I didn’t do this at first and I found myself getting so tired that when I did revise I didn’t take anything in, so breaks are a must. revise in a way that suits you, no matter how boring or strange it is. as long as it works for you it isn’t a problem.

3. Give yourself an advantage

If you have a subject that you want to study at university, make sure you do all you can to give yourself an advantage over all the rest. read around your subject as this gives you further knowledge as well as giving you something important to write about in your personal statement. Gain work experience, it will give your extra skills and make your university application more attractive.

4. Buy the right stuff

Buying A4 refill note pads are a sixth form essential as you won’t be provided with books to take note in. also make sure you have plenty of pens, pencils, highlighters and coloured pencils. this will help you to make notes which will be effective to revise from.

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