Urban regeneration projects- The Heartlands Project

Many inner city urban areas have become forgotten and derelict over the past few decades. This has led to these areas literally being abandoned by businesses and investors. Many of these brownfield sites are however, holding huge potential for redevelopment if the risk is taken to invest in them. There are many regeneration projects around the UK, where the key is to make a once thriving area attractive again.

The heartlands project is one such regeneration project. It is focused in the area around the towns of Camborne, Pool and Redruth in Cornwall. This was the heart of Cornwall’s mining industry in the 19th and 20th centuries. The area thrived due to its mining wealth but as the Cornish mining industry collapsed due to cheaper prices of tin overseas, the area became abandoned and many ex-mining areas were left to ruin, leaving large areas of brownfield land in the urban areas.

photo credit: heartlandscornwall.com

The heartlands project was funded by ‘The south west of England regional development agency (RDA) and grants from the ‘big lottery fund’ and this enabled the area to be improved. Derelict land has been landscaped providing outdoor spaces which can be used for leisure, festivals and events. Many of the old mining buildings such as ‘South Crofty mine’ have been restored and preserved, they are also open to the public which brings vital funds into the area from tourism.

photo credit: aditnow.co.uk

One of the major problems in the heartlands area before the regeneration project was the lack of quality, affordable housing. The heartlands project has provided the construction of 580 new homes that are to be of good quality whilst being affordable for most of the local residents, many of whom will be attracted to the area by the possibility of new job opportunities. Unemployment was a major problem in Pool and Camborne ever since the mines closed. this lead to urban dereliction of the area as many homes and businesses became abandoned. The Heartlands project hopes to create at least 2000 new jobs directly, and there is also a possibility of more jobs being created as a indirect result of the regeneration project.


  • information on the heartlands project was sourced from my own knowledge and research.

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