I would really appreciate if my followers (and anyone else who reads this) could help me. This morning I looked out the window at around 6am, when  suddenly, and rather unexpectedly, something bright fell from the west, high in the sky, down towards the south-west horizon. It was bright white, like the meteors i had seen only days before in the Geminids meteor shower. However, this didn’t fade quickly and appeared to be breaking up as it fell towards the south-west horizon. I would say the whole event lasted around 30 seconds. It also looked quite close, almost as if it was below the clouds at the moment when it disappeared from view. It was incredibly bright and i would love to know what i saw, even if it was just a bit of falling space junk. It still amazed me as it what i saw was by complete chance.

So basically, can anyone shed some light on what I saw, was it a meteor, fireball, space debris or something else? I would appreciate any opinions on what this was. Please either tweet me on @tgwktm or leave a comment below.





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