I move on…

It is August 14th 2014. I wake to the thought of how important this day could be, how it could make my dreams or destroy them. I’m shaking, I feel sick and I don’t want to let anyone down. 

Then I see the email…

When I opened the email from Exeter university today and saw the word “Congratulations!” I couldn’t believe it, no really I couldn’t. I read that first sentence of the email again and again until it finally sunk in that it was true, against all the odds I had been accepted to the university I had always dreamed of going to, Exeter University, specifically their campus in Cornwall. These few days have been a complete contrast, the day before results day was probably the worst day of this year. I was shaking with fear from the moment I woke up. I couldn’t eat, sleep or do anything, I was a complete wreak. Now however, things are different. 

After telling my mum I had got in, and ringing my dad to tell him the same, I walked up to my school. It felt strange walking my old school route again, walking through the school grounds, something I am unlikely to do again. It made me realise how much I loved the place and how things change. When I started school way back in yr 7, I hated going to school in the mornings, all those people you had to deal with each day, and coming from a small primary school it was hard. Teachers were just teachers, people who gave me homework and made me work too hard. But as I moved up through the school in to GCSE and A level I began to enjoy things more and more, I could drop the subjects I hated and concentrate on what I love. Learning became something that I wanted to do, not something that I had to do. I became closer to my friends and I made new friends. Teachers became nicer and started to stop treating you like a child. A new rule developed: you respected them, and they respected you. Respect was earned, not just expected. A few especially became an inspiration and I have a lot to thank them for, in particular my university offers, but also for helping turn Geography from something I hated to something that defines me. Geography for me is more than a subject, it is a way of life for me.

I open my results to see the grades of ABC in front of me. I was just so happy that I had been accepted without meeting my offer beforehand that I didn’t mind that my grades were a little lower than I would have wanted. I know I couldn’t have done anymore. During exam season I worked non stop, gave up hobbies, basically became a workaholic, I wouldn’t be able to bare today if I hadn’t have got the offer, it would have felt like all my effort would be for nothing.  I also know that it was not just me who helped to secure my place at university. Obviously it was me who revised, me who sat the exams, but it was my teachers who guided me and drove me to success; my fellow members of getrevising.com who kept me motivated and all those on thestudentroom who helped me prepare for university and guided me through the application process. It was also due to my friend Tilly who gave me the idea to start this blog which was one thing that helped my application massively and who helped me plan my personal statement along with the help I got from my post 16 tutor. Good results therefore reward a lot more people than just those receiving them.

 I walk home after collecting my results, satisfied with what I have done and happy that I have made people I care about proud. I cross the school grounds and stride across the school field. It felt like a time to celebrate so I put on We are golden and turned it up loud so everyone else can hear it! 

I will not be moving away from home when I start in September. A lot of people don’t understand why I don’t want to move away, but I am happy where I am for the moment, so I just don’t see much of a need if I am happy. I will be moving on. On to new things, different people and places, but I will still have the memories and comforts of places and people I hold dear. That, I think, is the best situation to be in.





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