I want the whole world to celebrate… Mika’s 31st Birthday!

Today is Mika’s birthday so I thought I would write down a few things I love about Mika the most..

He has a natural talent…

Mika is dyslexic yet he writes songs that are more meaningful and emotional than any poems I have ever read. His music is poetry in itself. One song can have so many different meanings, and you can interpret them in so many different ways too. When I hear a new song, I have to listen to it several times to find the meaning behind it. His songs are very cleverly written cause a song may sound joyful but if you listen closely you find it is the complete opposite; Grace Kelly is a good example of this I think. 

Mika in his Boum Boum Boum music video photo credit: onehitwonderfactory.blogspot.com

He looks great in anything…

He has a great sense of style and I love the clothes he wears. They are just so different to what other people wear. 

Mika is unique…

I don’t think there ever has been, or ever will be any one else like Mika. He thrives on being different and when so many people in this world spend there lives trying to fit in, i think doing the opposite to this is just extra special.

Mika has a song for every occasion…

There is a song for every mood I have. If I feel like celebrating I listen to love today. If I feel crazy I listen to We are golden. Rain is perfect for when I am sad and frustrated, My interpretation for when I am angry and Popular song for those times at school when you feel annoyed about not fitting in. I could go on, there is something for every time.

Mika is funny…

He can always make me laugh, there are enough videos on youtube to prove that. I love it when he goes a bit mad. A good example of this is Mika the clown and also Mika singing grace kelly on helium. There are many more, too many to list on here!

Mika looking awesome! Photo credit: pinkpeony.tistory.com

Mika has made me into a better person…

I have been influenced by Mika a great deal since I first became a fan. I am more open about myself now and a lot more confident. I enjoy standing out and it is safe to say his fashion sense might have rubbed of onto me as well, since my collection of glitter shoes is growing by the minute! I have also learnt a little bit of french from his songs too, and no one has ever been able to teach me french successfully before so that is a great achievement!


All song titles/lyrics belong to ©Mika Penniman. I do not own the rights to these songs.

Mika the clown video sourced from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N8AXFByapM  (Uploaded on Jul 4, 2010) with thanks to MikaFan1234’s channel for uploading.

Mika singing grace kelly on helium sourced from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdqLRRh9MJo  (Uploaded on Nov 15, 2009) with thanks to Patty V. for uploading.


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